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We are an established, technologically advanced advertising agency with more than forty man years experience in the varied fronts of Digital Designing, Multi-media, Print-media and Event Management. Our personnel comprise high skilled technicians. Our agency’s backbone, the creative team, has varied hands on expertise, honed with various clients over the years.


Keen and competitive business competition is being witnessed today. Avenues of public communication are cluttered with tall claims and messages need to stand out or risk the danger of being overwhelmed in the communication cross fire.
As an agency we are capable of handling any of the phases of communication. We make sincere efforts to understand the clients’ business with its inherent challenges. Our emphasis is mainly on qualitative aspect without any compromise, timely delivery and follow-up action on the finer points of details. This gives us the wherewithal to building a sound campaign aimed at achieving requisite goals and objectives.

Services Offered

Creative Designs

Corporate identities are best built on the sound premise of a creative platform. We build a strong factual base which embodies the amalgamation of projection of a corporate image and the features that will make your company stand apart in the marketplace.

Our services include conveying your company’s policies through Annual Report production, In-house journals, Annual events and periodical issues.

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Marketing Co-ordination

Mind-Design helps you identify and reach target audiences effectively, product and service message. We help build brands, increase Company and product awareness and most importantly, support sales through creative visual presentations.

Media Planning

Working with facts and figures to select the best media for your company, its product or service has been fine tuned by our expert planners. We can support the main campaign by multiple media or devise a totally new medium to showcase the message. Impact and penetration of the message, sufficient frequency of releases and garnering a major percentage of the market are our prime considerations. For this, we undertake full responsibility of production and media tracking as well.


Multimedia is any combination of text, graphic art, sound, animation, and video delivered to you by computer or other electronic means. It is richly presented sensation. When you weave together the sensual elements of multimedia-dazzling pictures and animations, engaging sounds, compelling video clips, and raw textual information-you can electrify the thought and action centers of people's minds. When you give them interactive control of the process, they can be enchanted. Multimedia excites eyes, ears, fingertips, and most importantly, the head.

Mind-design reflects the innate desire of man to create outlets for creative expression, to use technology and imagination to gain empowerment and freedom for ideas.


We have a background spanning a decade in planning and designing events, exhibitions and conferences for various organisations, with dramatic lighting and design experience.

Our technical team keeps abreast of the latest advances in the field. A case in point is Reality 3D. This offers a fast cost effective design and visualisation service, specifically aimed for Conferences & Exhibitions.

This technology is especially useful for assignments which demand least downtime like,

  • Brand Launches
  • Promotions
  • Conferences
  • Entertainment Shows
  • Brand Management
  • Corporate Training

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201, B-Wing, 2nd floor, Kanara Business Centre, Near Laxmi Nagar, Ghatkopar (E), Mumbai - 400 075.
+91 22 67256311

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